Again: one for the road

It was not so easy
For another person to write my poetry
Which is kind of sleazy
People tell me it is easy peasy?
Not my poetry
Since it´s my jewelry
But there you go
The last poetry written
Not by me, I did write it on paper though
They just had to put it in this wordpress terminator
Was fun though, and I sound like a smarty A hole
Well don´t tell me this writing is a joke.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Scrolling through your work here this week. This one is great following the previous one. Didn’t anyone tell you not to let wild animals type on your keyboard?

    1. The girl seemed to be getting bored and a bit nutty so I decided to give her a Little glimpse of what I do, which she could care less eventually, but who cares. And that one is real a wild animal, they either put her in a zoo or in jail were she had been already. Good news is that she didn´t steal my computer and I made her not go all nuts on me….long story why I hang out with that one

      1. one thousand dollars are you kidding? that’s big big bucks to me. before I ran out of money ten or so years ago I might have been on the next flight. Don’t wait up though… 🙂

      2. the photos are stills…but I have also a long video that I pieced together from a lot of short ones (this is the first video I ever attempted) I would edit it, but it would lose the music. As it is I have pretty much all of the show although the video is pretty amateur. I haven’t posted the videos yet I want to send them to Jeri first.

      3. when I can’t learn new I’ll just go ahead and die. I want to send the files to Jeri (my grand) but I’m not sure how. The file is too big for email, and I’m not sure how to get it to her. Maybe burn a CD or I could send her the original cards from the camera.

      4. Everything has a solution, this is cool to give advice to a woman, I’m must call myself Dr. Charles. But it is true isn’t it? In whatever the jam you are in, being a little one to a big one, I figured quite long time ago…. don’t panic, keep your self together and you might make it out good, everything has a solution, just gotta find it

  2. writing poetry is so refreshing…write any words from outta the brain-stream and people will nod their heads and stroke their chins and say “yes…deep…thoughtful…compelling…” lovlee…

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