should i ?

should i or
shout shoot a snoot
should i…..
imagine a person
wich for me and i guess for others
is a bothers
did pull two knifes on me
did put me in jail for as she said i hit her
fucking kidding me, but i will say this
i do call her when i have no money
so i will take responsibility for that
but i don´t disservice her bullshit
a constant one, i do know women, but
this one is something else, actually i do
disserve it since who is the dumbass that
calls for money (doesn´t say much about me)
hold the, people that know me do know who i am
and what i am, i do fuck up sometimes, but
i am a pretty good person,
talked to a certain person today,
a what you can call friend,
and he did tell me “don´t let her get you”
shit it´s almsot 7 a.m they won´t let me sleep
until know,so they got me pissed off so should
i….. or should i not go all fucking crazy, cause this
bitch, yep, that is what she is, and fucking my life
up, or i should say it is my fault again…..fuck that
Holy, and i actually feel better know after writing this
crazy thing,wich it is true, my situation that i put
myself it is crazy, fuck this bitch, gotta get a pair
of balls and no money then, not gonna call this
crazy one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Mr. Ankers! Miss Reading you but have not much time for the internet, or better said I the roomates or at least this girl, I just can´t write much. Not the type of people that I can say that writing is a job

    1. No comment to that one, but if she did this to more guys as she has done, she disserves what it´s comming to her, by the way I left out that this bitch had two guys standing infront of my house to intimidate me? I did get a kick in the face to one, and now I did screw up by calling her, but she does disserve what eventually will come to her, not by my part hopefully, but there are quite other guys that are not as “nice” like yours truly, did i start with no comment….

      1. I believe in that you find a way to handle this Charly. I always have and I understand your situation is not a quick fix. But you do have a good heart my friend. So that’s why I write that you shall keep your standards. I don’t think that other guys been through, what you have been throug. This was long and personal. But I won’t charge you anything…this time 🙂 🙂

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