Just in case…

I do have several health issues and i´m trying my hard
to not let the people that love me know,
today i thought i was thinking i was going to have a heart
attack, this pressure on my chest comes and goes
the problem is that i do not know when it is really
coming and not going, but today was not a good day, one of the worst
So in case this shit keeps going on, I will be out for some
time, or not to be dramatic but i could even be dead, i know
people don´t take that word lightly but seems i can say
detached from the situation.
Just in case, thank you people for reading this crazy things
that i post and, thanks again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Hi there, was I a wussy the other day, but it scard the s…t out of me. I have to inject myself two times a day with this needles so the blood clutters near the veins of my heart “unclut” or make the blood thinner, which I wasn´t injecting these things so it happened, could be worse

    1. I was a bit of a wussy the other day, what I had to do was inject myself with those needles they prescribed me that makes the blood thinner, and I wasn´t doing it. It was a Little scare though….I´m a wussy.

    1. I´m a wussy Wally, it didn´t go away completely but the problem was that I wasn´t injecting the seryinges that has this liquid to thin the blood,, seems that after yesterday night and today I´m doing better, no chest pain but man, never experienced that type of pain, I really thought I was going to die. The medics did warn me that it was no joke so, but anyways doing better plus today I´m 34, you Heard, I made it to that age….barely

    1. I´m like Superman!….a bit of a wussy the other day I´ll grant you that, but it was no joke so I figured to say a good by just in case I wouldn´t be around. Medics did warn me that if I didn´t inject myself with those seryinges to “unclutter” the blood this could happen, this or worse.

      1. I went to sleep around 4 a.m, always have trouble sleeping. Woke up thanks to the bells of the freaking church at 8 a.m.
        I´m alive and they just reminded me it´s my birthday, 34 and I barely made it, funny thing was that I had completely forgotten that it was my birthday until I started getting the calls

    1. Thank you SC, you bet withouth health we got nothing. I didn´t take the medication so that was the consequence, now after taking the medication doing much better, tired but at least no chest pains, don´t want to experience that again

    1. I just had to take the medicines that I obviously was not taking so now I feel better, tired, but at least I don´t have those chest pains that God knows what it can lead to, nothing good that´s for sure.

  1. Hi Charly
    Chest pain can be caused by so many issues, general stress or stress on the body. I spent two years looking for the answers for my chest pain, to why I was having “Not Heart Attacks.” It came down to a number of little things not working in sync and one big thing. My left Coronary Artery has a dysfunction and works at 75%. It caused Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT). It’s a type of arrhythmia that is not serious. It feels like a heart attack., I’ve gone to hospital many times only to be fine when we arrive. It took several doctors, a week at the Mayo and three cauterizations. Along with 30-40 test.
    Listen to you body, are physical stressors causing the pain. In any situation, go to doctor.
    Feel better soon.

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