The diplomat

He asserted he was a diplomat
Just when people had to be static looking at the map
that is….,,,,..
He read some sarcastic diminishing comments to him
He had to say to himself “Sorry Kim”
He could go off
After he choke you and you through a cough
Is one session….
That he doesn´t have one real reason
You make him mad
You could end up a bit sad
Hidding behind computers and bullshiting
He doesn´t get it unless doing something of creativing
Just he asks to not pull his leg of whatever he said
Since….this sounded like a threat from him
no! Kim!
Fuck you idiot you comment shit on me,
and trust me better have the balls to come for me
will kill you, slap you, whatever if you get on my
wrong side, and I am a good person but don´t take
being a good person for saying shit like that,
you have no idea what i can do to you. Punk.
You can call the spanish police and find where I am, no
worries chief. Shit face, and now I do feel better.
See? No harm at the end, hopefully.
So, I´m not really a diplomatic guy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Here is 3:30 a.m, so then you are in the east coast if I have my numbers correct.
        Shit, sorry but I have to curse and I know is not good but I say it and also write it, point being if there is one is that shit tomorrow I´m gonna see my “Tina” that is my 7 month bulldog, seems my mother had some mercy on me and since today was my birthday, really good spending it alone, yet again better alone than going out and meeting not so good of the people, I need a change and I am actually afraid of that change, makes sense? Living the life I do how in the world could I get to meet “normal” people, that have not only money but just being normal, tell you the story of this girl….she´s a rich girl and what can i offer? nothing, she can laugh have a good time in bed and out she goes with the rich husband

      2. I forgot that one, central time, it´s a a continent, a question, how long have you been married and by the way I have a son comming my way that took me by surprise, the first thing I thought was to deny it, yet again if this girl is going to have it, what in the world should I do, cause my first instinct is to run.

        Waiting tables you said? I figured you where some kind of big shot in some Company, wich i was thinking why in the world would this person spend his time talking to me, and to be clear the factor of what you work or worked meanes anything to me

      3. Good morning Charly, sorry to bail out last night; I was really beat after the day.

        I get anger totally. I was really picked on badly all through school, being the little weak, poor kid..not to mention I was sort of a bookworm. You know the deal I am sure.

        Anyway, when I was 18 I joined the Army myself, and that changed my life. There I discovered I was in fact as tough as anybody, and could prove it. Sadly, I spent a lot of years proving it. I was angry for decades. I was never going to let anybody pick on me again.Do you follow that, Charly? I was not very nice for a long time.

        I used to think I wanted to be a big somebody. I was an officer in the Army. Did my college and got my commission and got out as a Captain, promotable to Major when I got out.

        Life went south after I got out, like just didn’t work out the way I planned. I was divorced after just shy of 25 years being married, and waiting tables for a living is where I ended up.

        I am remarried now, for going on 10 years, and to a lovely woman. I no longer wait tables LOL; I am a satellite TV technician. I have come back to a certain extent in my life and am actually supervisor for our local office of technicians.

        But, I am no big shot, except in the eyes of my Lord now.

        Why do I talk to you? Well, I think we have some stuff in common Charly. Plus, that’s….what I do. That is the work God has given me to reach and talk to people. I am just glad you are one of the ones He put in my path. Some He puts in my path and says talk too are not very fun if you know what I mean.

    1. Yep, I just read that thing, I forget what I write it´s quite a lot during the day, not only in the blog, so yes this was one to I don´t know get some anger out? Told you why I look a Jesús, to keep me out of problems

      1. Well…He is good for that, for sure. And probably not a thing wrong with writing and letting anger out. Better here, in writing, than against a real person, right?

      2. Yes sir, and that is why i do it, plus it comes along the theme of the blod called crazy life, but yes again, told you i have certain anger issues if people push me (wich that is relative i might say) but yes, backing down or not confront it doed make me a Little” baddy” why do you think i seek Gods help, I´m a good person, but as my mother,who else, would tell me that i have a quick fusse( is that the Word?) sorry the computer is configured in spanish plus, forget about it too long to say, i am a real good guy Wally but when I feel threaten (and that is my perception wich I could be wrong a lot of times but not always) my head goes a bit nutty,starting with the army, living on the streets, and now…now is now so hopefully and not so hopefully for crying out loud who would have told me that i would have a room for myself and with wifi, food, shelter, cigarettes(those are important, although not so good for my clutter blood) and food, I got food to last me the whole month, the whole month Wally, I couldn´t say that much some years ago, plus some familly support.
        But the anger, yes, in the world I live in that is how it goes,,so my plan if it is going to plan is to get the hell out of this place, maybe england. Just have to save money, so that is why i´m broke this month and the next and next since most of the money from welfare is going to my Little other bank acccount, i did speak a looooot

    1. Indeed she is searching, but this one is a nutcase. She is quite promiscuous(to put it mildly and nicely), she runs around with God know how many guys but with me she seems to have a fixation, she even sent a guy to the door of my house so I wouldn´t get out before she arrived. Suffices to say the guy eventually let me out after I left him on the ground, although I did call the police first so and kept him there until they came and after she came.
      Quite a crazy story I have gotten myself in. And I might even have to move out of town in order for this girl to stop pursuing me, and I do know this is not normal in women that it is always the guy who does these crazy things, well not in my case. She is the most manipulative and with me possesive person I have encountered. She just won´t leave me alone this nutcase, and she will hit you, punch you that is not a simple smack and is not much I can do about it since if I do I´m the one going to jail if I hit back. So I eventually end up hitting the idiots she sends after me.

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