Yo! I´m smiling here


So here is the conversation:

Ring riiiiiiiing! Then I jump almost 10 feet in the air
Damn! I have to change this stupid ring tone and might
as well save some money to get a 21st century phone,
this ring tone is gonna give me a heart attack.
“Hi mom, congratulations?”
“Yes, congratulations.”
“O.K… what did you smoke this morning?”
“Me nothing, but you….it´s your birthday idiot.”

(In spain instead of saying happy birthday we often say
felicidades, we say both but felicidades is what is most common)

So it didn´t registered at all, I completely forgot that I made
it to be 34. Go figure that one out.
So there is my weekly smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. No no no, you are messing with my mind….evil, hey you could call me if you can, so i can help you with your enlglish that is, or talk to me sexy!!!!!haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sorry, didn´t get drunk, and I think that is the problem I´m sober and fuck this shit, so you gonna call me, hey yo, I also need a bit of love once in while, love… just an ear to hear, plus you´ll laugh or not and just hear my shit. We got a deal then

      1. It´s special since I´m sober, I bought my own cake, and I´m pretty good by myself. You don´t even want to know what´s outside the house, not that I don´t go out but I always, since it is a small town with the same, wich are not the best of influences to say the least. Yet, I wasn´t nor am, the best influence or intelectual in university or something like that, I´m surrounded by criminals,nothing bad with them, since I get along with them, since (again since?) I was and probably am one of them, but it is nice to be by myself and writing, not only on the blog. But better say a “hello wassssup man” and go by your marry way.
        present today is to be sober, wich means to read, write and maybe then go out for a while, more tan glad to live this than others things that by choice I lived. Trying my best

      2. Great, celebrate the sobriety of today. Enjoy all of the cake too. I believe we’re all criminals in one form or another, let’s face it, we do what we have to, and need to in order to make it through the day. Enjoy spending your time writing, another gift to yourself.

  1. First off, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Second off, congrats on being sober! I’m 11 months, 1 week. Still hang at my local bar, just drink cranberry juice. Lastly, my neighborhood is filled with criminals. That’s what makes my neighborhood fun! Have a great day!

    1. Congrats on the sober thing, I obviously not going to be home for all the day, all though I must admit that the so called home, wich is a bedroom with 3 other people in the apartment, does provide me some sort of confort so I don´t screw up,yet again, I go to the supermarket, or buy cigarettes, or whatever and what are you gonna find in this type of places, the same old same old, and yes, i´m actually a criminal on the pólice record that is, i don´t consider me like these idiots…. or maybe yes, but they can´t do this, the writing that is, and in english, i m from spain so i got the gangs of lating kings and some other marrocans bullshits, i get a long not with all but respect in this situations you know how it comes, fighting, wich at 34 wich by the way today was my birthday so say happy birthday King, the King part is a must, so yes, if you know you know but point being i or you or him or her can be in surrounded by all kinds of shit and not get into them.
      I sound like my psychologist, wich by the way what the fuck is this guy telling me about drug addiction that i don´t know, that or worst things. Point being again…. Stay Frosty gentess

    1. I follow people that I like to read, although I would like to have more time to read you all but that seems that unless they extend the day to a 44 hour a day is going to be quite hard, but as much as I can I try to read as much as you people, you bring me joy

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