angels deserve to die

2 30 a.m
i ate my piece of ham
don´t want to hear that spot
would like a cream pot
so angels deserve to die
driving me nuts
is as such
i live right next to three clubs
that´s a lot of speaking
did i get over there and stare
that would be a bit rare
not so,
specially if you got a tool that will cut your through
will then,
the shut the ha hu up,
by 130$ a month that i pay for this room
i should be thankful really
but i hate the sound of the bars silly
did i went there with a knife?
you can bet on that and they called the police
and i don´t even have a wife, they did that piece
so that was smart and nice….of me.
Just can´t help it, pisses me off.
I am an angel of death,so I do disserve to die,
sometimes anyways but they push me and i will go my ways.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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