Mother Mother….

Mother Mother don´t you see
I´m a 34 year old man
I can stand
I can find
I see my two feet
standing and already finding
but mom i have to tell you this
and i´m not taking a piss,
i love you and things are changing
so do not go out worrying
Stay Frosty mom

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thanks a lot, reading you guys i don´t feel like i am at that level, cause i`m not. But trying to get there, i should spend more time on this writing thing when i have time.
      And thanks for saying “You are a writer” that is one of the best compliments, and about the mother, you gotta love that crazy woman, no wonder the “child” came out like it came.
      Again, “You are a writer”, thanks Christy

    1. Yes, she does worry and she still seems to love me, go figure that one out, poor woman what i have put her through and not talking about the present, well also the present but even worst in my early years, if you can say early, when i was in the army so go figure how she handled that, not talking to me that was one. and here goes the story, i was getting to get deployed and i had a phone call so i called her, and the little we talked she did say, bring me some sand, sand from the fucking dessert over there? but her sense of humour so no crying and that thing, i get bored about telling this, why do i, hold on is almost 1 a. m an i listening to this

      I should say that the reason I was writing in little letter with no capitals was becase I AM LAZY TO HIT THAT BUTTON 😉
      Stay frosty gentes
      P-S. In case you were wondering it is true what I said

      1. Arctic monkeys is one of the bands along with twenty-one pilots that my son and I both like. He just left home this summer at 19. Military over there would be harder though. I guess she dealt with it by being funny. I did cry some when he left, but I heard he did too, after he left driving.

        take care, keep writing

    1. She probably did, although she constantly has to go to google translation since her English is not very good, so since the google translater is also a piece of crap, if she says something about anything that her beloved son writes I can always say “that google translator of yours is real bad mom, I said ditch not bitch”

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