My new girlfriend


Yo, sexy
you want to do something?
and no don´t take a pissing
today you are mine honey
and i will prevent you to catch a bunny
or a nutty…o sorry that was me,he he,
so you better get used to your new master
the protester since,
we are going to have fun
without the so called mom
you know son?!!!!
Damn, you could be a guy and a kid,
but no you had to be a dog….Ding!!!
Better that way cause now i can breath and sing
plus you are family even if is strange
and not very creativily you should…
lets see what in the world you do, in about
4 hours that i see you so watch out with
that “boo”. No worries, if can take care of a son
so i can take care of a dog, sorry, a queen
a bit mean, but cool though.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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