sorry gents and gentesses
i thought i was goig to see one of my princesses
so it seems not
kill you with a snot!
and a lot
i need money i need honey that comes with the money
sorry, yes desperation is part of my nation
normally nobody would hear this shit,shit ,and shit
that word gives me more status and create-us
i could cremate myself, don´t know, i´ll see
what do you see i see that you see an eye that says
hey people around me, thank you for your support
you could be an import, just shit and all that shit
did the girl just squirt? that was deep

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. I hope there will be another princess for you!!
    Irecenty learned that the real and noble ones do not arrive in a shining armor, they come when you last expect it and they come in the disguises of being ordinary. And in the second look you suddenly stop and swear that you saw a glimpse of shining gold behind the ordinary t – hirt and then you realize that you found a treasure.

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