Just a Street fight

So, yo
after staying all day in the house
i thought to take a stroll
but here it goes, and i am sober
just taking a stroll with no doll
so i should change that,with a little swat
so walking around and is a small town
so here you have the “latin kings” and a
bunch of fucking Moroccans, so here is the
story and it was scary? No.
I went down the house to see a bunch of
fucking latins shit faces and the guy did say
something “good” about my mother, so there goes
my punch, fuck the little bitch, he deserved more
i could score with something else but that is the town
i walk and own. Why i own, i don´t own nothing
just pointing, that nobody is going to tell me where to walk
they do, they the fucking south americans wich here in
a degraded matter we just call them “Sudacas” fuck the bithches,
not going to tell me in my country where i can walk
so he did spill a bit of snot, am i proud of it? Not really
is just another one, but did he deserve it, you bet plus i
was outnumbered by 8 at least, seems one guy knew me and pulled me
off, so now i just write it out to scout, just rhymed, so fuck
the southamericans, do not come to my country and be King
i am no bitch to fool around, i have been shot,stabbed and neglected
so fuck them the fucking bithches live better than us the Spanish.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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