Hey Bro!


You You…
You are not blue!
I have a manikin friend
And that was the end….
Hey Hey!
Look who´s comming
Hopefully she comports better than my last high school semester
O A, yes that was a dog, hold it since I´ll demand it
from my “Add Media” they should call mine an encyclopedia
so you you you….
There she goes
With a bit of some woes
She really is a criminal
And not so much subliminal
But I get to see her today
So she can stay, in my hood bro!
Yes sirs and mams mommy will come to my place
To not see me in disgrace( wich that one is new)
And with Tina
Who would have thought I would like the freaking dog that much
So be it
Even without a writ

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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