Feeling like Caligula

I´m the emperor
creating terror
today i had a human head for breakfast
later on i will fast
until the next head
falls on top of my bed
i want blood, i need blood, in need power
i need revenge, and another whore.
The day is long, what will become of it?
death? destruction? Everything!
I´m feeling like Caligula today
so screw you since you will stay…in my dungeon.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. No curtesy, you are hot, that´s nice for a girl like you to read something like me, i am hotter though but i won´t brag about it…… did I say this out loud? Yep,, hold it then I´m gonna save you something real beautiful, and is nothing OCF or as I wrote it down Obsessive Compulsive Flirt, but a funny-dumb one though, it will be on the next post

      1. I live for the State and by the State, so the plan is to move to London next year, So how are things going with the sales thing, and please do tell me you are going to sell me a hot blond with blue eyes woman

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