the dog


but you will see
that i actually like the dog
go figure that one out, and you can shout,
my dog
or my mother
i don´t have no brother
keeping in perspective is not creative
loving…it´s a freaking dog, but it is
mine regardless some family say is her for
me to stay.
Or not really, i can barely trust myself
and there goes the mother that is for me in her shrine shelf.
*that´s for you mommy, and don´t get mad…or do, i don´t care,
not really cause you do scare so i care*
and this is myyyyyyyyyyyyy

dog,plus i´m a narcissist so i include myself
by the way i did came out pretty good there
after a 3 hours of sleep and then the clock goes “peeeeeeep”
and i smoked two joints before i went to that venture
to see my mom and doggy doggy pony tally…… ha 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. “Nice doggy, nice doggy!” And she replies, “Look guys, I’m doing my best here but this guy, well, he needs a whole lot of TLC and I’m not sure I’m up to it, you know.”

    1. I sort of got the gist of it, but no worries SHE is a dog, so like all women i get use to those type of things…….hey!
      I´m not that bad, a bit crazy bit idotic …….
      cuse i´m the enforcer looking for women to torture
      scept plus a net i play the ping pong with you
      and that is why you are my love, damn girl…
      i just got carried out by this idiot

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