My worst enemy

My worst enemy is He? She? Them?
Sorry, my worst enemy is Me.
Then I should flee?

No drive, can´t strive
addiction pulls me down
to downtown and to hell,
can´t have the strength to be swell.

My family,
that is my reality
I do not expect them to forgive
this stupid asshole-hen
I just write with a pen.

I can not keep on writing,
doing this half ass writing
while I eat a pizza biting,
failure I admit, in one and one and a constant beat
since I see myself as a forgiven creek.


Now listen to me, since I will say it again, and again,
and… what I always say,
“It won´t happen again.”
For me is pain,
yet doubt me
and I will ask you please,
so I can prove you wrong and be at peace.

To be the man I have to be, and not my worst enemy
I have to drink to ease.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



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