The dog who talked


“I´m sorry.” She said
“No worries, it happens to everyone.” I responded.
“Not like this.”
“I told you, do not worry.”
“I… I….” She couldn´t get the words out.
“Are we going too keep all day with this?!”
“Sorry but that guy was hot.”
“So that was what you where looking at? We are done.”
And she retaliated, ” You are done, I just begun.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. You are talikng to a Priest, say two hell marries and one hell… the way isn´t it ironic that a Christian (wich I am, but a bad one) would say in one sentence “hell …..” and then I forgot what else, but wait right there (where you going?) as you can see and stare
        so be ware….

      1. miss what? spelling? By the way I just erased the “I abuse women” post, it was a bit too off even for me, although it is the truth, plus family members read the post.
        miss spellllling…… my computer is configured in Spanish so what is quite amazing is that people can actually understand my wording

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