The gentleman

Foto 371

Hello lady, how are you?……

You look like you need love…I can shove
you little swine wich eventually will be mine
in the a-hole, that is swell cause you love it
don´t you? do not say no I said!! You heard?
Sorry that was a crazy bird, but did you….
get down now on four legs, after I eat all your legs
and eggs, I´m going to penetrate you since I am the real state
agent, that went to your little hut you sneaky slut
I have to say it again? Hey yo!!
I am a gentleman ho.

So that was that, I was just trying to get the attention of
this one, I think I did a good job. Her book!! Buy it
or you deal with me so, ya know?!!!
I think that was good promotion by they way so here is what I have to say
There you go, nice lady, she is hot!! Plus she is a great person
and that is what it counts, did any of the so called “friends” call me when
I was in the hospital? Nope. I hope she is not embarrased though
And yes I do believe I´m a good promoter, in a real weird way,
but I got the people power so I …..screw it, check her book out.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Not all, I do like this person as a person I don´t think of her as, you know what I mean…. she´s sort of like a sister
        Now, tell me about other girls and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeheja! I´m a cowboy they are the meat that I eat

    1. I forgot about that post, and probably the one I posted today….shit, that is crazy, aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! That is my war cry by the way. I will gonna check you out since I´m the premiere scout

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