converastion with dad

I was reading all these post about father son relationships.
So I got excited and told to myself, lets give him a call.

“Who is it?”
“Me….your son.”
“What do you want?”
“Just to talk.”
“Then, we are talking.”
“Are you o.k?” He asks me.
“Couldn´t be better.”
“So what do you need?”
“I told you already, nothing.”
I can picture his face going red by the way
“Well if you are o.k and you don´t need nothing,
I got work to do.”
“O.k. By”
“We´ll talk another day.”

And that was the conversation, I read all that little shit
about the fathers and sons, they go fishing and that type of thing,
not in my case. You go to the point if not for him is pointless.
You need something? Is the first thing he will ask, and you know what?
For me that is the best question instead of some sort of wussy wussy
going to tell you how much I love you in words. He is him, and he is
me hero.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. I think that is beautiful what you did. I think with sons and fathers it might be an unspoken I love you. Nevertheless, I feel it from you both. I know in the case of my daughter she usually only calls when she wants something or there is an emergency so when I hear her voice I automatically go into my rescue mode. Maybe call more often. I think sometimes parents are used to fixing things maybe! I love your conversation. I have high hopes for you and your father. It’s very brave of you to start the conversation. Hope you have a beautiful day Chaly! 🙂

    1. Oh and one more thing…my Alex said Mom why do you always say it like that? So I stopped myself and said you are right I’m sorry I’m so used to fixing and forget sometimes you just call to say Hi. This parenting thing isn’t easy at all. My Pa was a toughie. Always had a smart comment back and was anything but gentle. After he passed I wished I could hear his rough voice one more time. I like your post very much it made me think a lot! 🙂 Happy Friday!

      1. I really do. I mentioned it to a friend of mine. You definitely made me think of how I respond to my daughter when she calls me. Hope your weekend went well.

    2. I woldn´t say it was brave from my part, it was actually weird, jus not natural in our relationship.
      So you got the girl calling you for things…… then give it to her! 😉

  2. For what it’s worth, I see conversation with Dad as an act of maturity on your part. Argh! Maturity isn’t the word I’m looking for, let me offer a tray of options – on second thought that would be presumptuous. Allow me this – no such thing as “normal” exists, we can’t base expectations on scripted media or literary portraits of family life. Life doesn’t come with a manual, everyone manages the best they can.

  3. Charly
    I would not do well if that’s how my conversation went with someone I love. The beauty is everyone is different, you’re a no bullshit kind of guy, you both have a no bullshit approach. If it works for you, great. It doesn’t matter what others think. If the style of communication becomes a problem for you, I have no doubt you will express.
    Have a great day in sunny Italy.

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