Studio 34


since it´s provable
one and two
words i do.
In my studio 34

Stay Frostyt gents and gentesses.



    1. I was just pissed that this “woman”, I put it in quotations so I don´t call her the name she diserves, pissed off that she obviously know I got money today and constantly in quite a violent manner I might add, asking me or better said the money that she was going to get from me. If it where a guy I would punch the hell out of him, and since she is a woman, then she gets away with that crap. I didn´t sleep tonight for the only reason that I was watching my things, can you believe that shit? In my own place that I pay for I have to be in this case vigilant so my computer doesn´t run out, wich it happened one day that she took the computer and ran out and me chasing her while on the phone with the pólice telling them where I was. So, point being, what the hell do I bring this girl to my “mansión”? That one is on me, that is my mistake.
      Point two, is not happening again.

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