Paralysis through analysis

I think she and him and I guess the tart I might that one too
they did this and that I think since I´m that smart.
O yes,
In think in this situation
I got to do this and that of my own creation.

I think….I just got paralysis through analysis
I haven´t move one finger in any panzer type of movement.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Gees Louise… I thought it was just another of your crazy ideas… there is such a thing, honest? There was no link, and I was too busy to search for it.

      2. No, the “love you” is not part of my vocabulary, only for people that are very close to me,the others……I love ya!!! sista!!!
        I did tell the people I´m getting older and my flirting skills are out the window, but I shoul add that I´m listening to this
        There is a girl, wich in my opinión I think she is a sex addict, but she is 15 feet away from me in the bed.
        So there goes the explenation.

    1. Thank you Frederick, by the way I was reading right now part of your book, I´ll just save it and read it later when I have more time. They should pay me full time to write, what is humanity missing…..

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