What?… I just developed PTSD

What the hell, forget about the army experience, yesterday…. well I´m still
recovering. So I live with the landlord, who I screwed and she is 19 years
older than me. And I don´t know why in the outside she seems like a saint.
And yesterday, since I have trouble sleeping, I go to the bathroom to take
my 4 a.m piss, and I didn´t miss….. Jesús!!! There is also a maroccan bitch
that is fucking the 60+ year old dude that also lives with me.
Worst of all,
comming back to my landlord, she as I said seems like a saint(yet why do I think
that if I fucked her?) and she was also with another guy! Damn…… people…
humanity is insanity. So I think they gave me PTSD, not cool to see a 60+ year
old white men fucking a Marrocan, talk about shock and awe, plus my “saint” the
landlord, holy molly she seems to fuck anything that moves and then she will preach
to me about God, what a fake this one, and the other and other and….life.
But they gave me PTSD, I´m in shock still, I need a drink.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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