The military
I´m so sorry?

The military, hummm…..
yum yum,
not trying to avoid
actually got a kick out of those situations
in those nations
fucked up people there
they got a taste of good Spanish flare:
lost some, but we pulled together and added some….to our belts
so the military
kind of scary but get used to it and is not all that worry

pro war
anti war
stupid are those two last

you volunteer
and if you got your period like a girl
don´t be a bitch about it later in your fucked up mind swirl
get help, do whatever you need, (if you can that is)
after all that shit,
but do not blame the government, is your fault, don´t enlist then
you are not in a cozy red cross tent…so
that does pisses me off, the bitching about,
while i´m at it, i too was sleeping, and freezing in a homeless
world that i got myself in, i say again… i got myself int to that world,
but got out.
got it?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. That´s fine, even the worst parts of my life when I write about them, not all truthful gotta have creative license, I tend to write it sort of comical, I have problems trying to write serious things…..weird

    1. You really found that post? I forgot about that one, and most probably the others.
      There must be more of the military things, if I remember a link i will i will i will….. just drunk as a skunk you… yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!
      The military thing you want to know about?
      Just ask me( my experience that is, wich you could write an interesting novel, tragedy, commedy and all), plus what is it that you don´t know if you where military —- GIIIIIIIIIIRL
      love ya MY i say MY hey, hi, damn I am drunk as a skunck
      Waiting in this internet caffe for ” the blond”

      P.S. What is your name?

      1. I am sober, I think….. 😉
        love ya
        By the way I should write a post about the meaning of “love ya”, it does has its interesting story
        By the way, I think you are a drill seargent

      2. Glad to hear you’ve sobered up. You had me worried, my friend. Yeah, ima drill sergeant all right. You had some sharp words coming but only the Lord knows I held back! Now you stay frosty, my friend. Continue to share your soldier days stories and we’re good. Capeesh? When did you serve? I’d like to know. I posted one boot camp story and will do more.

      3. El Tercio Don Juan de Austria Tercero de la legion (Spanish Legion that is). VII Bandera Valenzuela. These freaking names the Spanish have, isn´t it easier to say i was in the 4 battalion……
        Sorry for the late response, but I don´t have a computer and for that matter money to go to internet caffés,but I did manage to get hold of this one that I think it will last for a couple of weeks. So right now trying to catch up with people and hope to read you more and comment in these coming days

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