I refuse

Foto 313

I refuse (that´s a cool picture)
and i will go on a short fuse
nobody, bitches, nobody is calling me on
to that tan tan, wo han han,
that was a great piece of literature, l
like the rest….
calling me on pólice?…fuck you, they didn´t say shit
i should permit, wich is the the reality,
to tell me that he didn´do say this or do that,
so no way is over my God´s  dad,
you risked it
i got the witnesses
i got nothing to increases
just my morals wich for me is to stand up
up up, jus fucking stand up for your self and do what
you have to do when…. in my case and is not in the insanes
i just get up and jump and fuck him up, specially when i´m writing
in my strange minding…do not fuck with me,and then came the pólice
to see what? I got not charged.

You got me in a fight, or i should stand down?….
nope sir, you will be all clear, since i do not refuse
since you idiot or me maybe, i do got a short fuse
for that shit. But….ha, no pólice charges bitch

that i said you creech, snitch, nitch, haaaaaaaaaaa, fuck you

play with the best and you will get a mess.



Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Now a days, bald is the cool thing. Come on man! You didn´t know or what? Bald ……although if you lend me your hair that would be a great humanitarian part that you would do

  1. Little tipsy, however this feels so relatable… Especially today… Will be posting soon. Life has been a total shit show, have a zillion drafts saved but am ready to start posting again. Look forward to catching up on all the posts I’ve missed, from several of you, the past… Year???

      1. Lol just saw this.. January 2019… …too many? Really? I’ve literally only officially posted like 4(maybe couple more blogs) all others are drafts. If I blogged on the daily, I’d have to charge you to read it! 😎

      2. You´re right on your last sentence, I had to go back a re read what crazy thing I might have said, and it doesn´t make too much sense, terrible written also, but I suspect that someone pissed me off, got into a fight, pólice came and I didn´t get charged and…….I had to write it down and post it, so go figure, my therapy time. Glad you laughed though, trully it makes me happy if people laugh at my crazy things.

  2. Keep going with your gut, just turn down the nozzle, still beat the shit our of them, try not to walk around with the brick on your shoulder. In Spain the bravado may turns the ladies on, As for me, I would have to knock on you a few times, just away of knowing who your friends are.
    Take care my friend.

    1. If you want to knock on me o.k, the Friends……or I should say “Friends” you better stay away from them, you are not in that world, but me, since I´m Superman I will protect you
      And you also take care and have a great day

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