Love is in the air…..


Dog: “Hi sweety pie, you want a kiss?”
Me:”He he, you are funny, but sorry babe you are not my type.”
Dog suddenly feels jealous and attacks me while I´m trying to write
some Shakespearean writing…. look!dscn2889
Dog: “I got you now boy.”
Me: “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” And tears start dropping throughout my face.
Dog: “You want more?!!! e, come on, you want more!!”
Me: “Shit o.k, o.k, I´ll go out with you.”
We ended up heredscn2866
And there we find ourselves…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I really appreciate the nomination, as I always tell people the biggest recognition for me is that some one would actually read my crazy blog. Again, I really appreciate it.

    1. I´n my spam? I have to check the email out then. But since I get all the posts there plus emails I daily can get get over 1000 posts plus emails, so a lot of times I start to erase and erase and eventually I erase the emails. But I´ll try to put more attention on to it these days.
      Can´t you tell me in the blog how is he doing? Or better in the email?

      1. There is a link both in your spam and on my blog. Charlie, he still is in a coma and Neurologists are putting plans together to get him out of the coma. There is an update on George’s blog. The link is on my latest post. (((HUGS))) ❤

      2. Hugs back by the way, and I bet this man pulls through, he has a good chance for sure, the hospitals named there are the best in the U.S, plus my man George still has a long ways to go so he can teach me some more crazy things he told me

      3. I feel the same way, Charlie. I’ve been in contact with family since all this began and I feel the tensions, the fears, the hopes, the tears. All of them have gotten very worn out. Thank YOU for communicating with Sarah. There is so much Love around that man he just has to open his eyes. And that’s all that is to it. 🙂 ❤

      1. I just deleted your last comment, sorry, I´m a bit clumsy.
        About you being in touch with his familly and him openning his eyes.
        I´m glad he has such a supportive familly, I pray to God this man pulls through.
        You too take care Amy.

      2. Thank you, Charlie. I so appreciate you caring. George has become such a good friend to me. This weekend I am stepping off the grid so to speak just to get into the Silence of Mother with my camera. I need it. This has been a very long road since I first heard George fell ill. I’m feeling worn too and so I know what works for me. Golden Silence, Beauty and my camera. (((HUGS))) ❤

    1. She truly is something, she lifts my spirits. I think it´s therapeutic for me. Although she does has this face when she goes all nuts and starts eating the walls, the carpets, you name it she eats it, it´s called the “Chucky face”

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