Tears are waiting

Crying is not manly
To be honest I see it quite ugly

But once in a very long while
The tears will flow all along the dark mile

I felt a lot of shame
When the tears appeared in front of this dame

Today I will have to face her
And she will probably won´t think of me as a monsieur

Tears are waiting….

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Hey! How do you put those “pictures” or micominos or whatver the fuck their name is, how do you put a lip on the comment section, you people are too much

      2. You didn´t know that, you just said it, it would have to be MUAW, that would be a kis no MU as I put, that sounds like a cow writing…..could be kind of cool also

      3. woman…..sexy girl then?
        or just go to the last minute, fuck me can you believe that at my age I´m still listening to these guys and is 6 a.m here..
        now. go to minute 1:56, now!!!

    1. I will, actually I will cry and since I´m so cold person the tear will become ice, I will put it in a some kind of a container and ship it to you. Then you can have a piece of me. hummmm…that´s kind of sexy if you look at it in some kind of weird way

      1. When you cry, you just need someone to dry your tears and kiss your face so you feel all better.

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