The Peruvian woman

(I´m going free flow here,so i forgot about grammatic errors or structure)
She came
and that was the end
untill she said it was Marta,
well…hold on cause I gotta get some water from the well,
anyways lets stay on point here, I have it written down
but screw it I will talk through one long,
Marta who is my landlord and lives in my home.

I called this other crazy bitch (she is, a real one) that
acts like a beautiful golden ditch, wich she is not,
take one of my snot bitch. I get hit by this bitch in the
arm and in my right leg, so i call the police,(you might ask yourself´s why
i call this girl and that is another tale) I just saw a squirl….
I had too much written down for this post, so to keep it sort of short,
the crazy ass bitch wich it is my fault to call when i need money,
there you go honey i call a bitch and what is here job?
well she give me money for my drinks, but at 10:33 i called police
to ease the hits she was hitting to me with.

So my landlord, Marta who i think is from the 3000 Spartans,sssssssssssss,
I got 6 police officers in the house at that time, i ´m just thinking
i don´t have a dime to care,i am done so lets be done now.
And….She told them what happened, so that was quite a surprise,
here in Spain the man says “fuck you” to a girl, the girl if she is a bitch
like this one, will call the police and tell them that she is being verbally
abused, yep mam, tell that to another guy not me.

But the stand up woman is Marta, and who ever reads me or knows me, even the police,
still tells me to keep out the bitch not Mart the other girl, they do tell me that, don´t call her
since she will put you in a mess. I do, or better said I did call her when
I have no money for drinks, but now without drinks….and withouth all that
shit we are good, and Marta, she did kick the other bitch out. And I have nothing
sexual with Marta, she does sees me as a kid really, Willy Willy!!!!
She knows I am not perfect but i am a good guy(overall), but as her and as all the other
people they do say “Stay away from that girl” (a.k.a…..the bitch)

But Marta is the Peruvian girl that told the truth

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. (try to digest that)


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