Tribute to the woman


Hey mom,
look at that beauty, strange relationship and is not on a ship, is a funny one
I bet your mothers….whatever is the others, just mothers, but
she knows me, probably more than I know myself,
and I really don´t know her, but er er er,
she does know sometimes I can be like Wyatt Earp,
point being,
she reads this blog so look at my beautiful mother,
tough as nails I can tell you that, even if she looks like she
never broke a plate (that´s a spanish saying).
What would I be without that woman I ask myself?
Probably a unforgiving shelf.
That´s mommy, intelligent, funny, tough, but you can´t see, although.
Those 3 adjectives you can better believe.

Love you mom, I´m doing good so no worries.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. So what, I do have a 3 and a 4 wich makes me a 34 year old man……haha, plus I´m kidding idiot, she can´t even get into the internet. She´s cool but old school, mommy doesn´t even know I have a blog

      2. Sorry about the “idiot” thing, is common in spain to say it with people, so don´t take it harsh, wich I doubt, and yes she does read the blog, and she is my my mother so you can trust me she has read and seen me in way and much way places.
        Anyways just in case you where one of those persons that are too sensitive I thought I should apologize(that is not written right, apologise?) 😉 love ya

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