No computer

Now writing out of a “computer section”
or computerize caffe, whatever thre are
computers here, mine….if done, and I have
no dime to buy a new one just yet, that I do regret
so, is done until I can have enough money to buy
another, so hey! Honey, I have pen and papper
so I gotta run now the time is up….sanp.
I´ll probably be out for some time.

Take care gents and gentesses.



    1. I´m back, snaaaap! waaaaasup? I got hold of a computer from a friend, wich I can use not very regularly. Can you believe that I have to actually intrude in the life´s of others just to steal their computer for a couple of hours? I go here, I go there, just moving to places and people that I really don´t want to be around a specific date but only for the fact that they will let me use their computer. That or is paying a bunch in the internet caffe.

    2. I glass of coke spilled over my laptop, they told me it would take 3 weeks only to tell me if it is at all saveable. And the computer “expert” didn´t seem to optimistic. A freaking glass of coke! Damn pisses me off, it may have contained some whisky in it so probably that had to do with my not very good eyesight. And that pisses me off.
      They say don´t drink and drive, well I´ll say don´t drink and write in a computer.

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