A world in shock

Don the Trump…
Trumping Trumping
The world is jumping
Both the establishment left and the right
Have been struck by the not normal light
Heads spinning
I´m grinning(I predicted it by the way)
What a show
Against all imaginable odds he has bestow
The president of the United States
And it seems the world shakes

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. You both houses plus now the executive, hope you get it done. For example repeal Obamacare and all the other executive orders that Obama has signed, that are unprecedented the amount of executive orders he has signed bypassing the congress completely. Trump can undo those also with a stroke of a pen. Plus you also have 3 possible vacancies in the supreme court, and that is huge.

    1. Half of the country is joyful and the other half are crying and saying really nasty things….well, hey guys those who lost, it is called a democracy.
      The left always does the same thing, they will always talk about tolerance, but only are they tolerant when you agree with them. If you don´t then you are like Hitler in their minds, hence you have to be eliminated.

      1. Yep! But shocker at both Hillary’s and Obama’s speeches today. Calling for unity and to basically support our new president! If they’d been this nice for the last 8 years, Donald wouldn’t have felt compelled to run and Hillary would have won!

      2. I´m actually convinced that what made the DT run for office was when Obama bashed him some years ago in one of those fancy dinners, Obamawama was vicious at Trump so he jump and said inwards “I´m gonna take your job”. And people so smart, driven to the extreme, self confidence as Trump, you can´t stop these type of people. They are truly titans, like a Carnegie or the early Rockefeller.

    1. He says outloud what a lot of people say in their living rooms, but would never say it in public since it would be too politically incorrect. So I like that about the man, plus if he follows through on his promises I think that would make the U.S again feared and respected. And we need in the world, even though the U.S is far from perfect, but we need the U.S to keep some balance. Not the perfect balance but certainly if you retreat from world stage as Obama did (plus his great Obamacare and I can go on, on the domestic side) well we see what happens now, Russia, Iran are running the show. And that is not very good to say the least.

      1. Yup! Corrupt politicians in pursuit of their own personal interests have been running and ruining the show for far too long 😛 But people are beginning to wake up now, I hope! Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s liar/ideological/arrogant Liberal gov’t (every bit as rotten as Obama) has picked up where his papa Pierre Trudeau left off and is continually praised by MSM!!! 😡
        So while nothing’s perfect in this world, including Trump, I believe he’s the real deal and desires to do good! Hopefully he’ll hold true to his promises and reignite some much needed honour/integrity to help balance this tired ol’ world of ours! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

  1. Let’s be positive, and do our best.
    What really upsets me is that the people who claimed themselves as progressive and all, now are rioting, burning flags etc. Suck it up with dignity, please. I was not fond of both candidates, but now I can see why Trump won – people are tired of all this mess. And of Obamacare, of course 🙂 .

    1. I have always loved how the left proclaim themselves the tolerants, yep, very tolerant they are when you agree with them if you don´t in their own minds they think you are so evil that you have to be destroyed.
      Funny thing, yesterday I wrote a very nice comment in what it seemed a very left blog from a college student that went to protest. I gave out my point of views with no insults just pure arguments and facts, and man o man, all the others that read my comment started bombarding me with comments about how a fascist I am. After responding to the 3rd comment I ended up saying to the 4th person that insulted me that I could give him examples of certain things but that he was now the 4th person insulting me and I was getting bored. It´s good they can hide behind their computers when talking to me like that I can tell you that much. But the left has always been like that, they proclaim themselves as the all tolerant inclusive people and obviously their morality trumps (no punt intended there) all the others, so when you disagree with them they come at you really vicious.

      1. Cannot disagree. One lady just called me stupid in her comment 🙂 Just for saying that in my opinion both candidates were equal. Of course they were equal. Different, bet equally unpleasant. I don’t agree with neither of them, and if someone thinks I am stupid… Do I care? Nah 🙂

      2. One is a criminal and the other one is God knows what this guy is going to do ( a loose cannon), but what I say is just give the man a chance to start governing and then we can see if the policies he implements work or not and then disagree on policies, but all that name calling, is a waste of time. Nothing gets done by insulting people.
        Although it was a good exercise writing to these people, they were calling me all kinds of names and I never responded to them in the manner they where talking to me, I just pointed out what I just wrote to you about the name calling, and that it shuts down conversation. So it seems the work on myself about my anger management works, at least in writing. So that was good, plus they were a bunch of college brats that have no idea who they where talking to. Glad it was through the internet cause in person, I´d probably end up in jail again for sending some of these idiots to the hospital.

      3. Cannot disagree – insulting other people is no good. People can make poor choices, or they can try to choose between two bad choices, or whatever, but when the results are announced, we have to suck it up and move on with our life, doing our best. Not walking around burning flags and vandalising cars. Come one, really. Since when have we got a licence to riot if we are not happy with something?

      4. Couldn´t agree more, and the irony is that they are vandalising the places where they live in and that probably have voted democrat,so they´re hurting their own people.

      5. Those who are vandalising, have to be sentenced. End of story.
        Even if I don’t like the president’s personality it doesn’t make sense to protest after the elections. One party replaced the other party, and it is the time to move on and take care of our own business.

  2. I’m pretty surprised that people here are suggesting that Trump is some kind of salve to years of ‘establishment’ politics. Trump is clearly very establishment, just not in the sense of politics – more like being in the pockets of big business.

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