Angels of destruction

They signed up to fight
Not to flight
Overall they are tough
Saying dirty and black humour jokes that for civilians may seem too rough

They live in a world of their own
Because in those dirty countries doing dirty work they are truly alone
Alone from family
Alone from civilian normality

Their family in war is their fellow soldiers
Since their individual jobs in that team eventually translates in eradicating deadly boulders
Not for heroism
Quite a lot of times so they other soldiers don´t give him too much criticism

Angels….hell, they are mean nasty bastards
and those bastards which quite a lot of them are
at a par, are the ones that get the job done
which for quite a lot of civilians and then some
if they truly would be there and see them in action
they would probably get a vomiting reaction,
war is destruction, of buildings, bodies, who once where some bodies,
you can´t fight in black and white, if you do you lose and not exactly
a goose, you fight in gray, decision decisions, that in some cases for civilians
are perversions, they´ll laugh in the middle of a firefight, crazy right?
That´s a moral high in order to keep on with the fight.
Soldiers by definition are there to destroy, there is just no other way,
if you want them to complete what you wanted them to complete while you
are asleep.

They operate as your surrogate, outside your gate
Don´t judge them when you see a civilian dead, that is part of war
that is them, angels they are for me, they did save me, through destruction.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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