I´ m moving to Alaska….I think

You heard right my flock
gonna start hunting like a hawk
tired of being broke in the city
surrounded by evil humans with no pity
don´t have money and I feel like I can choke
not able to pay for even a simple coke
so….I´m going “off grid” living in the bush!!
the last frontier
is waiting for me there
to live from the land
working with my hand
hunting,fishing,making my own cabin, my homestead!!…..damn,
now that I think of it…damn again

I just figured out I´m actually are a real cripple
but I do have more than one nipple, so that is good news.

Problems I just realised I have (can you believe I can forget the seriousness of them? Yep.)

-I have blood clots in both of my lungs which means
I have to inject myself twice a day to keep the blood flowing
and I don´t have a freaking heart attack glowing. I walk 50 meters
and I´m already tired. That is number one disqualification for living
in the bush. Damn

-I have cirrhosis in the liver…where else would it be, in the knee? You idiots…. Damn

-Half of my pancreas is not working so I would probably would be shirking
overall while building my cabin wall. Damn

There are more, but I´m getting bored. So screw it then my flock, I´ll stay
here with you, so you can rest in peace. I still can see Alaska on T.V while
eating a cheap big burger with a bunch of grease.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. I just saw a Russian soldier near my campfire!! Although once I pulled out the bottle of Vodka…. I can tell you Randy, best of friends we have become. I´m actually thinking of making alcohol the number one priority for diplomatic relationships. Actually I do know why they say Reagan contributed a great bunch in winning the cold war, he and the other Russian dude where drunk as a skunk having a great time, party party!!! And then….bam, the wall came down.

  1. After the doctors said you got 2 years to live
    lived the off-grid Alaskan life
    for 14 years but
    left when the snow got too deep
    and now in civilization
    can’t wait to get back….

    1. I had been watching too much of those programs in the discovery channel here in Spain, so I got the idea from there to write that nutty piece. Quite fascinating really that people choose to live that life, a rough one for sure.

  2. Hey sir Spaniard
    That setting is Utah
    But Alaska works
    And your words made me laugh
    Until the health report part
    So sorry!
    I really am…
    Sending prayers for strength and immune strength and for wisdom for you and those who care for you!
    Love ya so much amigo

      1. Sorry for all these late replies but as you know I don´t have a computer and this one I can only use it for not much time, and have to catch up with a bunch of bloggers.

      1. My life is a turmoil, but maybe Santa helps me out with my own laptop and I can dedicate more time to writing (on computer and not on paper) and the blog and other social media, start moving things

  3. I live in Alaska. You should at least come visit. And don’t think that health totally disqualifies you. There are elders living in my village that can barely walk and some of the teachers are not much ahead. You might not be able to live “off the grid” but few do totally since that takes either a life long commitment or money. Instead of watching on TV where it is all faked you should check out some of the amazing Alaska blogs, of course I am quick to recomend mine (wolfslunch.wordpress.com) but there are many other good ones as well.

    1. I´ll take you up on the offer, by the way the late response is because I have no computer of my own and no money (so I sort of live off grid, might as well start killing some wild life around here in Spain to survive. But I managed to get hold of this computer wich should last me for a couple of weeks and in now I´m catching up with a bunch of others, glad you passed by my blog and will check yours out in the coming days with more time.

      1. No money might be a problem for visiting. Setting aside the cost of the flight from Spain to the USA, just to get from southern Alaska to my part is $1000. Its $700for me just to fly the 150 miles to the closest hub village! I guess you could go by boat or snowmobile but that is a looooong cold ride.

      2. Cold ride? After seeing your blog I have decided that I should make friends with an Eskimo so he can help me get over there.
        Very nice blog you have, a beautiful place and I like that community that as you say it´s like a big family.

      3. Better traveling on a snowmobile than walking with an eskimo, or if you lend the eskimo the snowmobile then fine with me, as long as I don´t have to walk…. or maybe I can ask the guy to take me on his back, they are tough so it shouldn´t be much of a problem

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