Weekly smile


images-1 Good relationship with family-check
images I can pay for a roof over my head- check
images-3 I have food on the table-check
images-5 Haven´t had a drink in 10 days-check
images-4 The little money I have left after paying for the roof over my head the food and bills I use it…for cigarettes!!-check
DSCN2821 My cool new friend- check
images I have cirrosis,bad pancreas,blood clutters, but….
I´m ALIVE-check

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I don´t think the feeling is mutual…… we should go for a couples therapy, and if the relationship doesn´t improve, specially the part when she starts eating my shoes….she´s is out !!

    1. Guess what…. the freaking book that I had saved on the laptop is gone now, since I spilled whiskey on the computer and there is no way of fixing it. Probably the computer said “if you´re going to spill whiskey on me at least let it be a good one, now I´m out.”

      Loooove ya back, and thanks for the congrats of the ten days. Let´s see how long it lasts cause I don´t know how much more of that crap my body can withstand.

      1. well I still have a cope of your stuff so it is safe right here – and you can publish it for free on create space – so let’s get doing that – still waiting for you to email about it amigo

      2. Thanks, when things settle down in my part, or when I settle them I should add (which everyone is waiting unfortunately) I will get into the book and really, I have to put much and much more work on this writing thing if I really want to pursue seriously a career on it. I know I have the talent for it, what I don´t have is the working habit. Work work and learn and that talent will flourish. But my work ethic…. I lost it. So first I have to work on me and then everything will get better. Which probably by that time I´m either dead or you have grown tired (which happens to the people around me)

      3. well you take your time and get healthy – and seriously, don’t minimize the value of herbs for healing – and vitamins and nutritious fats – well I don’t really know what to say so right now I just pray that God will show you what you need and that HE will bring you the resources that are right for your body.
        Also – pray for his peace to keep you steady and balanced and STRONG….
        and keep writing Sir Spaniard….

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