I´m going political….sorta

You have been....busted!

You have been….busted!

This is political
I have to be analitical

Or not,

Why bother
To respond to another
The other that is mad as hell
So rationality has gone down the well

If you don´t agree with them they call you all kinds of names
You in their eyes
Are a devil and not in disguise
They are sore losers
That probably insult you while they are in one of those cool cruisers

Don´t worry about Trump
Just worry that after all your silly insults I don´t go over the edge
Get my hands on you and brake you through and through
These stupid college kids, entitled freaksimages

Where did rational normal discourse has gone?
Or has there ever really be one?

I hope there still is…. but if I smack you silly after you come out
Behind your computer spouting insults and stupid protest
Really piss me off and you´ll find yourself staring at a birds nest

So that when good I think, college kids intitled freaks, and not so
all college kids I should add, but you insult me, please let it be
face to face, you´ll end up in a puddle of blood in disgrace and me
I´ll be jumping while humping a naughty girl with blond curl
and then a victory lap after my crazy snap images-1

I am working on my anger management and is going fabulous.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. It is working, I just type my feeling out. Did I go out and got in a fight? Nope, although truth is that it would be kind of hard getting to one of these idiots calling you names hiding behind their little computers.
      So yes anger management is working,I only managed to punch my 8 month little cute bulldog…..

      1. No, cause my pet then chipped in and was on their side.
        I know it!!! Even though she can´t speak she spoke to me with her eyes!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Now I´m going down the deep end… o.k I promise I won´t take it out on my cute 8 month bulldog, did you really think I would do something like that. This dog is probably on of the few things in life that makes me happy and calm.

  1. I’ve had to curb my anger twice today! [is that management?] I am tired of people taking a simple remark of mine and twisting it into a rant-fest!! I won’t start venting on you because all I did was stop following them. One even closed the comments after their rant so I couldn’t reply. It isn’t worth it – I just walked away. [or clicked away, I guess] 🙂

    1. I just made a very rational comment with no insults in one lefty blog and I had the whole left community writing me comments about my comment, and it kept going on for days. And to say the least their words where not kind, they just throw a bunch of insults like fascist, terrorist, idiot, and it went on.
      I just didn´t open the comments anymore when I saw it came from that specific blog, funny thing is that the college “kid” started following me. So go figure that one.

      I wrote this post right after that which was some weeks ago, had it saved and decided to publish it now. Maybe I get more followers from this college kid blog, I might even start my own online course on ethics. So that is to what I resorted to sarcasm. Did shut some of them up.

    1. It was in another blog. Not in my blog. What are they going to rant in this crazy blog? About hookers and fights and have a real deep conversation about it? Specially when people by now know that I´m mostly messing around and just being nutty, there is a reason for the name of the blog.

    1. It´s a fucked up world these days and if you look at history it has always been even worst fucked up, so is not all that bad, the thing is that we have gotten soft if you ask me.

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