What in the world….

images-2 First it was this,it´s broken.
Now is thisimages also broken this morning.
What in the world…no, what the fuck!!! Pieces of shit, how in the world do I get
now in touch with the world to use other computers or just to call people, fuck fuck.
Piece of shit.

I think I feel better now, I almost hit the guy that was playing with my phone earlier on
and the SIM card seems he fucked it up. So today I´m going to use all day his computer
and tomorrow and the next day and he´ll pay for a freaking SIM card. Fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, cause I´m having a pretty bad time trying to keep my cool.



    1. You could send me an iphone?….or a Tablet!
      Well the good news is that the most important phones I do have them written down, so is just a matter of either asking someone in the street for them to let me use their phone to make a quick call (can you believe that I have done that?…yep, and quite some times it has worked) or going to one of those crappy internet caffes.

      1. True, I´ll manage to get a little job here or there and I know a place that for 26 Euros you can buy one. Plus the SIM card that that is 8 Euros, so if I manage (which I can) to get that money between today and tomorrow we´ll be good. But I tell you, for me that is a lot of money to spend that I could use for food, rent, bills, e.t.c, instead of another cell phone, which for that price you can imaging what crap it is.

      1. Hopefully to heaven but who the fuck knows. Kidding.
        I´m going inside your……..heart?, I could go to another place …….—-´´´´´yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!
        love ya

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