Cleaning out my closet…. I mean inbox

The posts don´t appear in wordpress reader feed
because of this strange computer misdeed

I had been without a computer for 10+ days
that I was in some weird kind of hays
now I´ve been bombarded
and feeling like being water boarded

My eyes are blinking
My head has stop thinking….
having 20,000 post in my inbox
which rocks
but can´t read all
since i´m not that tall
so I have to delete some
quite some
although today I probably read 200 posts easy peasy with my dirty hands that are greasy

Problem with this is that I can only delete 25 per page
since this computer uses an old internet safari strange

25 at a time
25 at a time
25 at a time
25….I think I´m loosing my mind!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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