When you see the sun run


Darkness is what i like
with the girls of the night,
a bottle of scotch here and there
i stare, at the blond girl and snare,
darkness makes me feel cozy, nobody is nosy,
just talking superficially about nothing really,
you don´t really know the people in dark bars,
but….when you see the sun run!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. It´s one of the greatest pleasures in life to wake up, without even gettting out of bed, stretch your arm to the little night table next to the bed where the pack of cigarettes are resting, grab one, put it in mouth, grab lighter, fire it up, and….inhale while looking at the roof.
        Works much better being single, I did have some problems with this when I was in a relationship. I probably had something to do with her constant coughing…..

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