Danger Danger!!!


Danger danger!!
here is the no stranger
nuts nuts!
she busts
walls are eaten
my feat are eaten
what the hell is wrong with this one?
crazy, she normally is lazy but at certain points
during the day
she goes out of her way
to leave you creeping under your bed
to cry
danger danger!! This one also scares the shit out of me
but i guess we´ll have to let it be

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. That´s what I say, but it seems when I walk her to some place most of the people say how ugly she is,and….they are right, the dog is damn ugly. But it is MY ugly dog, so that turns her into cute and lovely.

  1. We were shocked at the damage our Australian Blue Healer, my ate base boards around entire 1st floor. Chewed up my fav $800 chair, pended everywhere. I was posting my mind. Vet said he needed much more activity. So he added 2-3 miles to walk, Worked like a charm, now if we can stop barking at UPS.
    How are you, still having family time with mother? msandorm@verizon.net, use it when you need. Serious!
    Happy Holiday, I wish the best for you, family and friends.
    Your my friend, don’t forget.

    1. I would love to take her for a couple of miles walk to get her tired, problem is that this little bastard she walks 20 yards and decides is time to get a rest, so she sits and in order to move her you literally have to carry her.
      I won´t forget you´re my friend and now I have your email. Although I still have to get my inbox cleaned up since the emails will probably get lost with thousands and thousands of posts.
      You too have a great Christmas holiday and your family.
      Appreciated the comment.

    1. Happy new year Anna, no, no computer just using an old mac wich by the way in order to see the comments it seems I can only see them on my own blog if not I have to go to wordpress administration and take a look at them from there and not all are there, plus can´t see the post comming into the reader, so I have to go to the inbox of my email wich since I can only delete 25 posts per page now I have 26,000 posts so is hard to get to the usual people but….. I´m not homeless!!! Plus I have a computer that semi works. The homeless part really scared the living headligths out of me, is quite cold outside.

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