WordPress Christmas present

Word of the press has given me a Christmas present….
I can´t see the comments. Well I can see them if I go to
wordpress administration and then see some but my guess is not all.
Before, on this old screwed up computer, in order to see the comments
I had to type wordpress.com/notifications,since I can touch all day long
that right top bell and nothing happens, well nothing happens in the other
section now. So I can only answer(until I get a new laptop hopefully next week)
to few comments so here is my Christmas serenade to wordpress. Forgot, I also
can´t read the posts in the reader in this computer, I have to go to the inbox
of my email and from there start hitting the title of posts. Here goes for you

you make a bunch of ugly doo doo
changes here and there
getting me nowhere
i have to stay sober
you´re not helping at all
wordpress distracts me from a fall
and you know this and do the other
o o o, you ugly mother fucker
hey ho, i want a yo yo Santa
if only she brings it, Samantha
thank goodness the freaking anti anxiety pills
and anti depressant seem are working, specially the anxiety shit
i feel cool so is harder for me to slip
now I´ll go and take a dip
in my imaginable jacuzzi
and spray you wordpress with my Uzi

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses and Merry Christmas!



  1. Can understand how you feel. I can’t post from my mobile any more. WP changed the GUI and I don’t see the preview. So I have to be in front of a computer to post to WP. Maybe WP has taken a XMas break.

  2. Hey, Charly! Oops – – typed it wrong, at first, and wrote Chatly, hee-hee! Maybe they hate us. Ha-ha! Just kidding. Hope you have a happy holiday and a way better New Year! Blessings to you!

    1. That doesn´t have a bad ring to it, Chatly….almost like Chendler in “Friends” (probably spelled that name wrong), You too have a great holiday. Hope Santa brings peace and love……..and money!!

  3. I hope you are reading this like now instead of a few days from now, if that makes sense… Anyway, sorry about your WP troubles – it seems every time they upgrade something they break it in another way….

    1. I´m reading you from my post, I don´t know why these guys keep changing things. If it worked well for all of us users before, why in the world start changing a thing that works well for everyone or most of the people? Have a great holiday Trent, read you all when I read you or the computer-wordpress makes it easier better said and I have a bit more time. Gotta do some things to get some money to buy the damn computer.

    1. (Sorry for the delay response but this computer is crap, hoping this week to get one that I can at least see the comments in the notifications)

      Merry Christmas GP. And being myself a former soldier I do know what it is to be without your family and love ones during these special days. Of course we shall keep them in mind, very nice graphic you put up.

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