by by baby

Why do I end up with this crazy ass girl?
I did see your wassap and saw your chats
did smell like rats, damn girl, fooling around
with 6 dudes? And telling me I´m the one?
You are truly a nun.
Taking money from guys here and there,
that is the only thing that you care, in other terminology
it would be called whore-ingly, do what you do to survive,
but don´t count with me as one of your ginny pigs to take your dive.
Now they throw you out of yet another house and you have to sleep
with the guy in the next house for him to let you have a roof
over your head, which is spread by sperm worm.
So please stop calling me,
new year new life so I´m not falling for your lies.Not even the sex,
which actually is the only thing you do well, oooooo, that is so swell right?
By By baby, there is a better future for me,so just let me be

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I got my new computer tomorrow! So I can at least see the notifications page,
the reader, the new people that started following me, and other glitches that I have
with this crap. And this from a guy that thought he was going to be homeless this month
to everything turning up o.k,lot of work this month though to make up for money, but
worth it and treasure it.


    1. I can´t get into your blog in this computer, if I hit your beautiful name The Darkchapel Whelk, it sends me to a page that tells me some weird stuff. Just can´t reach you brotha with this crap of computer.

      1. Hey, it’s “Whitechapel Whelk” and there’s some pretty weird shit going on in there too haha. Did you work out that SoZ Satire and The Whitechapel Whelk are closely related yet? I often wonder how many people realise that. Anyway, Charly my son, you take good care amigo and I’ll keep on supporting your Spanish ass. I like you amigo. You’re an honest writer and you have a good heart.

  1. I figured you two are half brothers. By the way the part of “honest writer and good heart” coming from you actually is a bit scary……, appreciate it my English friend.

  2. Oh BIG Yay on the computer, Charlie, and SO happy you are not homeless!! Good for you for working hard to keep what you have and get new as well! Great job!! ❤

    1. Funny how things can change quickly in life, one day I´m sweating bullets and actually had the bags packed to move to the street and the next with a bit of hardwork, contacts, and luck, things turned out o.k. Now I just have to follow through with the work, which is back braking labour freezing outside. But it saved my ass.

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