Love and Change


I just realize I have no normal friends
Because of me living an abnormal life
Of false pretense
And have ended alone without a wife

But I do have a lot of colleagues
Savory characters
You can call them a mess
And they do not feel a distress

Subculture is what I have known
and seeped into my very own
and that lets you down

that life,
pisses me off
we’ ll do the best
to stress
this…family first, and money also lets be real,
but that woman on the photo, saved this kids ass
strange relationship, since I had been in a war ship
to some crazy muslim country, but that woman there,
she gives me a smack and gives me a scare, she does her stare
and brings me back to who I really am.
So one word… CHANGE.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. I loved your warm words of appreciation for your mother. So nice of you. Actually, you do look like her. I wish you for the new year to succeed in being exactly what you want to be, to change in the direction you are longing for.

    1. So I’ m not the only the one abnormal!jyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeja! well, it’s a long story, but in this situation the mama does help and just leave at that, she is a precious woman.

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