Meet my new girlfriend


Her name is Harriet Prier
She´s a lovely lady
Steady and slim
Which makes me beam
She doesn´t run around with other men
She´s so loyal she got me saying amen
Slim and thoughtful
I´m just grateful
For having her
For me to touch her everywhere

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Keep her on the table, and it would be great if you put something under so that the vent wouldn’t be obstructed. Most of laptops have the vents on the sides, but HP right in the middle.

      2. If you can believe it…. the freaking computer just froze on me. The whole page is blank, the only thing that moves is the mouse. And is kind of strange since I didn´t drop her or drop anything on her, I was just watching a youtube video and suddenly she goes all white on me. Completely frozen.
        So now back to this old crap which I can´t see the reader nor the notifications unless I go to the comments section of my own blog. Just another pain in the behind. SHe didn´t last very long, I don´t know what´s with me and computers.

    1. Thank you, yes I´m well. What is not well is my new girlfriend. She froze! I can only see a white page when I open her up. The only thing that moves is the mouse, but if you touch on other things nothing happens, it´s a freaking blank page. Pisses me off. And I didn´t do nothing to her, I was just watching some Youtube video and she suddenly froze on me. Probably she didn´t like the video. So now back to this other crap of computer wich I can´t see the reader nor the notifications unless I get to the comments section of my blog. So this love…..what a way to demonstrate it.

  1. Very important: you will need to ‘turn her on’ first before she can make you truly happy, touching her everywhere is a waste of time if she isn’t ‘turned on.’:

    1. Guess what, the freaking computer has gone “blank” on me, it froze. I can only see a white screen so it seems I touched her too much or I have no clue but I´m pissed off, now back to using the old crap, where I can´t see the reader nor notifications unless I get into my comments section and here I can only see the ones posted on my own blog not on others, so back to same old shit. Lets see if the idiot who sold me this tells me what in the world is happening. So yes, It seems that women don´t last very long with me

      1. She was 2good2b-true! Okay, let’s see what her pimp says….

        2.Admin(oldversion):main page/my site/scroll down to admin/comments I made. Better, more info.

        3. Create a bookmark folder for ‘blogs/split it into 3; blogs/followers and favourites. That’s what I did – I don’t follow you, I visit you from my folder when I need a priest. You feel me? I can follow more blogs but I can visit my favs faster, without the frustration and traffic-jams from my reader. Works for me. Don’t freak, cool down, go sort it out. Cheers.

      2. Exactly, I didn´t freak out and through it to the floor wich sometimes happens with my temper and now, it works! And it was as easy as turning it off and reseting the thing

      1. I just woke up, felt asleep during a long “siesta” and no I didn´t enjoy it, I´m still pissed off…at the world in general, why get pissed of at just one person, if you´re going to get mad you might as well go all the way and blame the whole world.
        That includes you!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa! (that was my war cry)

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