The man with OCF

There was once a man
Called Marlychan

He was imperfect
Had more than one defect

He had addiction problems
Alcohol and drugs made him homeless

Now he is sober
And is not a full time ogre

But…..he still suffers from OCF!!!
The man is an Obsessesive Compulsive Flirt
But…sexing and flirting beats the Alcohol and drugs
Is what he says to himself while he nods

Today is a great day
For him to stay
Snuggled inside his home
With the sexy landlord which he´ll take to Rome

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. By the way, I thought it was because of the old computer I was using, but still with new hp laptop, excuse me, le me say it again ha laptop, hp laptop. I finished bragging. Anyways, I stll hit your name and it takes me to a page that says that you blog is not working.
      Can´t read you woman!

      1. That´s what you think, plus now is the hip thing to go see shrinks, haven´t you seen all those actors and actresses from Hollywood? They all see shrinks. It the cool thing now.

      2. Whsts cool about loony bin docs. It’s uncool lol. You and I can control our minds and I think that is the best thing ever. Is mad fashionable , being confused , not knowing ones own mind. I am happy Charly. I have my demons and I know how to fight them

      3. Only if you appear in the reader or if I find you in the email inbox I can get there, and the email inbox is a mess of thousands of posts that get in there every day

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