I´m going to go on a killing spree

My heart is racing
I´m a going to have a stroke?
A stroke of good luck
With computers and such….
My girlfriend HP
Hewlett the Packard
Has frozen on me
I just see a blank page
I bought it less than a week ago
And she goes on a get a go
Hopefully is nothing too bad
That would make me sad and crazy mad
So back to the old computer
No notifications to see
No reader to see
No new followers to see
Stay Calm, stay calm, stay calm
I say to myself to stay free
Because I´m about to go on a killing spree!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. You better say it works, I just got out of work and I´ m ready to mingle in the wordpress world, so gonna mingle, hey you a guy or a godesss, gotta understand that spending most of the day with guy in construction I got my needs, stll if you read me I got….. whatever dude or dudes, just life, getting by,

      2. Wait until you see me in person, I can bet 100% that is no bullshift what I write and who I am, so you will have a good time with me, whatever that means, but trust me with this (where yo a girl or a dude? doesn´t actually mater since either one or the other will have a good time, why do you think they call me crazy…..I´m lazy brotha!!!
        see ya when I read ya

    1. You laugh, the guy from the shop just told me it has to be something about the software, hopefully he´s right. If you pray, pray it´s nothing too bad. And when I get her up and running (hopefully hopefully deep breath) I´m gonna laugh at you in return for…… whatever!! aaaaaaaaaaa!

    1. So it seems, I have no clue what´s up with me and the girls. They don´t seem to last me very long. But this one….. just hope and wait she returns to her old self. I´m really begging her to go back to what she was, I´ll give her kisses all day long and do some cartwheels.

      1. I´m about to give you a hug, already did that with my apartment “friend”, the guy that lives in another room, he actually was quite in awe, but damn was I happy that this shit of computer worked. Point being, there is no point, just happy after a day of back braking work that I can lay down and write.

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