6 word story


My new computer finally works well!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeha!! Happy happy is this Charly since I was sweating
bullets, only have bought it less than a week and it froze on me
two days ago. And now, with a bit of calmness I worked it out
and it unfroze, yeeeeeeha! Now back to work.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You kidding me?j For crying out loud I live in a room, which is actually now in winter is worst than living in an Igloo, good part about it is that the computer won´t get over heated, bad news, I m writing with my fingers of the hand (sometimes I write with the ones on the toes) and they are frozen, I don´t know if to make a some fire in the freaking room

    1. Hey there GP, glad I´m up and running in the blog world, plus all the pages that I read about how to write…..which I do not know if I follow through, I got my own style.

      I was thinking, since they (friends who have no idea) writing about my time in the military, but the funny things not overall, what do you think?

      1. That´s the thing, when I write, since I don´t talk about that kind of thing, I usually make it entertaining, specially the bad things, but I was thinking of starting from the start as you guys in the US call it or is the Spanish and I´m trying to translate all the army terminology The Basic Military Formation, as they call it here.
        Anyways, point being, that I though of making it funny,as you well know after reading my crazy stuff, so I can make the ugly look ugly as it was,, but put a little twist on it to make it a bit funny, funny-sad, and that is actually the reality of those situations

      2. Trial and error is what I found to do the trick. Bloggers either take to you or they don’t – we can’t make them like what we’re saying.

      3. Talk about bloggers, you kidding me I could care about the people that follow me, altogh is nice that people appreciate my strange poety, but this I can tell you sir, I didn´t get in this blog shit for me to get people to follow me, I got here to lear from other people that write, writers is the name I think, so with all do respect , I do not give a shit what people say or post about me, wich is actually stupid your comment since this is the first comment I had that is not “comfortable” would be a word, not to say another one, so my friend GP you talk about army and shit, will talk you about the Spanish Legion, we do a lot with little, so we are crazy, so do not fuck with me with that little shit of comment, yes, your brother or father went to world word two , good I went to antother wars and that fucking comment pisses me off. And you better than whatever you belive that you are a man with some age and not a kid

    1. My man! Richard the …..Orchid ? anyways up and running, so hopefully I can rad more of you, by the way you write so good it confuses me, not the REALL writing critics, but me…hahhahahaaaaaaa! 😉 Just happy to be with my new laptop

    2. Damn, I think I pissed off the other commentator before you. Happens….. yet you are Rich the Anks, love ya sir. Not in the gay way I should say. And when I get enough money for my pocket that I can use to get my own things, like books, I´ll buy your book. That or you can give me money right now!!!! And then I can buy.

      1. Unfortunately it is true. I just got into a fight today with a Maroocan idiot, here in my town, in my country, what they do? sell dope. So since I´m sober now, it really pisses me off. Plus I woke at 4 am, just couldn´t sleep, so by 1 p.m I was a bit pissed off, today I had no work coming my way, so I just read a bunch of poetry and write it. But it is so much time I can spend doing that, so I was just pissed off, and went to buy cigarettes, and really hunting this fucking idiot.
        Funny thing, why do I go to a psychologist? For the drinking right, but even without drinking I still get pissed off at what I consider (since it´s all relative) bad guys.
        Forgot, the funny thing that me a 34 year old man-kid, told it to my mother.
        She was not surprise though, she knows me, my latter life and all (except the military thing, at least not the real bad). But she just laughed it off.
        Good thing, I going to be with her and the bulldog tomorrow, they are both of my women that I really love.
        Damn, I had to say it to someone. It is quite de-stressing. And I don´t even know you. love ya

    1. Hey there Audrey, long time no “see”, can´t see you in the reader nor in the inbox. Now I´m going to do a bit of stalking of your blog.
      And thank goodness this machine works, if not I was thinking about suicide but I couldn´t figure out how to do it

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