out the top of my head

Have no idea why inserted that photo (down)
it was there so there it is
didn´t you miss? She was giving me a kiss
have a bunch of “deep” poems written down
but the name of the blog is Crazy Life plus I´m a clown
now on the down-low… shit,
gonna see a psychologist today
it is a her, I just hope she is hot on this Wednesday
psychologist….for the drinking thing, or the thing that is drinking
makes me giggling, not really serious stuff, but lets see if this
woman, aaaaaaaaaaaa! a woman 🙂 Probably I will drive her nuts
if she doesn´t eat them that is, because it has happened before
on the floor
of another psychologist
lets see what she sees abnormal in my normal-being
drinking drinking is a stinking.

There you go, out the top of my head less than a minute to write,
who in the world says they have writers block?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.dscn2889

why in the world the photo goes down instead of being on the top….damn the computer



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