This is for your girlfriend


Penetrating her,
she keeps on biting
she yells my name in pain
since i´m no saint
pleasuring her…
Sorry!!! she yells for her boyfriend
while she comes on my end.
And you end up like that dude in the photo
lonely with a black dude
that is nude.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. No man! It was her boyfriend pleasuring me….and I was in a bit of pain since it was my first time.
      I got to get more into the specifics when I write, by the way the dude was black, so you can imagine

      1. This morning a woke up at 4 a.m, and I do have some issues with anger, so I was pissed off, then about 12 p.m I went to buy cigarettes, and here in my town is full of a bunch actually I feel like is not my country, so there is one kid, he must be about 16, less than 18 for sure, and as all the others do, what doe they do, they sell drugs. Pisses me off, in my own country in my town, so I smack the shit out of him. Wich was quite a relieve of adrenaline that I had build up. And his “friends”, the older ones, they know me so they stayed away. It was just a quick thing, smack in the head followed by a punch. So now, I feel de-stressed. Love ya brother. I just feel like hugging someone now.

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