Army boy

Yes, you can believe that,
I never got photos, this was from
a…. dumb,
looks like me
you better believe
I got shot at,
I got blown off
I didn´t see a nice woman in 8 months
I guess that is why is all the, and,
the best of me if this, writing while fighting demons
in whatever but I did run from the past
at last,
no drinking,
a bit of fighting
but in my defense is to get
out the adrenaline stress
Anyways got ya here in my cool photo
Foto 329
Then I realized what is really important, just one woman, the others can go
and take a hike with a kite,
gotta love her.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Hi Charly
    Sounds like you’re getting ahead of the beast! Big steps for you, keep your eye on the prize! Clean? You sound good and have your eyes pointed in the right direction.
    I think of you often, take care.
    Huge Hugs

    1. Hey, I really appreciated that comment, people that I actually see in reality don’t even hear me or see the effort I put into it, my life, so is very refreshing that a person that I don´t know really, not really I just don´t know, but is refreshing. Thank you for the comment.

      1. Come on, I got a girl here. Which I´m not paying much attention by the way, I´m writing my way out.
        So let me get my head together tomorrow, go get some ideas.
        Number one- I can write crazy things, and funny one also, the go in pair.
        Number 2- I can also write serious
        Numer 3- You are the pro, so you know how to write well. Wich at the same time, it will give it a certain kind of interesting type of blog, I can go for the silly and you for the serious, mix it up a bit, I think that would ge a good combination

      2. later but not all that later, I would really love to make a blog with a person ( that is you), hopefully the ideas I have you would like them and see if there is some potential about a blog or a page

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