Army boy

Yes, you can believe that,
I never got photos, this was from
a…. dumb,
looks like me
you better believe
I got shot at,
I got blown off
I didn´t see a nice woman in 8 months
I guess that is why is all the, and,
the best of me if this, writing while fighting demons
in whatever but I did run from the past
at last,
no drinking,
a bit of fighting
but in my defense is to get
out the adrenaline stress
Anyways got ya here in my cool photo
Foto 329
Then I realized what is really important, just one woman, the others can go
and take a hike with a kite,
gotta love her.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. Hey, I really appreciated that comment, people that I actually see in reality don’t even hear me or see the effort I put into it, my life, so is very refreshing that a person that I don´t know really, not really I just don´t know, but is refreshing. Thank you for the comment.

      1. Come on, I got a girl here. Which I´m not paying much attention by the way, I´m writing my way out.
        So let me get my head together tomorrow, go get some ideas.
        Number one- I can write crazy things, and funny one also, the go in pair.
        Number 2- I can also write serious
        Numer 3- You are the pro, so you know how to write well. Wich at the same time, it will give it a certain kind of interesting type of blog, I can go for the silly and you for the serious, mix it up a bit, I think that would ge a good combination

      2. later but not all that later, I would really love to make a blog with a person ( that is you), hopefully the ideas I have you would like them and see if there is some potential about a blog or a page

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