hug me!!!

I just need a hug
Even if is not what you feel
Then make it real
Woke up at 4 a.m
I can´t not stand
The night meares
But they are part of my mirrors
Hard to stay sober
I don´t want to become that oger
I woke up too early
I am pissed of
I am…. I need a hug!!!! (from a pretty woman that is, or for that matter any woman) 😉

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,
Only her…..


      1. Say hoooooo! woooow!
        Never mind, just bored and if you can believe it the girl I was going to get to they, she has dismiss my ass.
        hold on, she just called so this should be interesting,by the way I´m writing while I´m talking to this one, quite the….struggle

      1. Jesus…. my load had to be unload. Why are you doing this to me? If I don´t mess it up I got a girl later this afternoon, just another one, so, since you are the ONE, your poetry is very good, the writing I mean, and now I have to go to the bathroom to wack myself off, sorry, your fault.

      2. Haha don’t screw it up. Wack yourself off she’ll thank you for not being an overt horndog and/or pat you on the ass after the marathon for a job well done! 😈 Ok have a great day. Stay sober & frosty. 😘

      3. I´m in love with you now….. by the way, I lcan last a lot and produce 2-3 times in an hour,why do you think this girl is coming over? I´m the sexy machine

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