I was going to write something profound….


that is what that guy wrote
and I made a mind note
peace? Fuck off, if you haven´t seen war
why do you want peace, is easy to eat that cheese
“no war no killing and” bla bla bla the shitting,
Poetry for peace,
makes my nose bleed
get out
do something about it
see it
do it
and then call me
on my phone
that is wrong
but I am strong
with my cool bong! (had to insert some silly thing)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I say look!!! foto-378



    1. Former soldier….you like walking around with 50 pounds of gear, hot, sweaty, and then getting shot at, no you don’t so is a former, former!!! soldier, plus I forgot about that shit, I prefer this, the writing

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