Random thoughts

My thoughts are sporadic
since I´m a useless addict
that is the dare
and I love that scare
gotta be prepared
the abnormal
is the normal
for me
see it believe it and…get out
for another life to scout
I feel scared
then is the other part
even though I´m sick
I don´t quit
Plus see your boot?…. I have just spit

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. you are not a useless addict. you are just scared, for very good reasons, i am sure. all smart people are scared, which is why i used to wish i was dumber. confront the fear, beat the addiction, find the poet and person you really are.

    1. You sound like my mother, except you don´t hit me on the back of the head.
      Appreciate the comment, and I should say proudly I have been sober for over almost a month. But I can´t sleep, wich pisses me off. So I wake up at 4 a.m and just write, except if some work comes my way, but I do that, write. Although the day is pretty long, so you can write so much and read also, then I get pissed off. Yesterday I got into a fight with a Marrocan idiot, here in my country, selling dope… and this was a kid, couldn´t be older than 18, but out of the other 8 plus guys, he was the one that just started the bullshit and talking and talking, I was on my way to buy cigarettes and I encounter these people, it is a small town so you can imagine. You sneeze and the neigbour already knows who and then tells the other.
      Point being, I did smack him and punch him, and to tell the truth I got the adrenaline going and it felt good, or at least I felt a relief.
      Damn, what a story right? I thought I was talking to my mom, you do give that kind of stuff, by the way do not tell mom about this….. although she already probably knows, I am her son and she is no fool, so…… she does know me

      1. Sober for a month!!! Woo Hoo! Congratulations! Major accomplishment. The insomnia is part of the withdrawal process and it sucks but it will eventually end. The anger is the same. All these unpleasant emotions become intensified for awhile, but then miraculously, as your system adjusts to sobriety, they ease, your sleep becomes longer and more restful, your anger and negative emotions become less intense and you start to feel way BETTER than you ever did while using or withdrawing. So, hang in there.
        Your mom should never have it you in the back of your head. She should apologize to you for doing this. She probably won’t. My mom did similar stuff and she won’t either.

    1. I can read you know with the new computer, although I am having some problems with it, hope I can fix them and read the comments and get into other blogs.
      And I am hard on myself, have to be after all the shit I gone through.
      Really? auto-electrician….. you might as well come to my house and put some electricity, hook it up to the neighbours, that way I don´´ t have to pay that much

      1. Charley, mi bueno amigo, if I were to tamper with the wiring in your home you would never have to pay for anything again…EVER! Your family and friends would have a funeral bill to deal with though 😉

    2. I can´t write back to people the fucking computer won´t let me reply to the notifications or comments, except if physically get in the blog only my blog that is, fucking worldpress, I´m gonna brake some legs

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