the black sheep

quick quick
i sue my own dick to stick
they call me the black sheep of the family
that is my reality
father…he is my hero,
started with nothing and now he´s a made man that started from zero
gotta love that woman
stills believes in me after i got all those women and unforgiving life as un-human
they kicked me out of the university
then went into the military, before i worked in shit jobs,no creativity, but pay the rent and sluts
scary, adrenalin, i felt i was spinning, military infanry not glaring, acting wile you do to be soldier
i forgot i´m a sitting crawler, but there is my mother to get a stroller, or kick my ass and no bother when it was where-
into a world of not normality
then came down the reality
that is what i struggle with
then i see it and belive it, confront it and is a bitch
yet, two sibling,
i love my sister
she´s being in the ringer
and end up like a nice life singer,
worst than pulling my trigger…
and then is me,
the black shee of the family.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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